Adventures with Little Miss

Where it all begun!

Well my girlfriends and I went to the One of a Kind Show, and this is how it all begun!

Well somewhere between rows X and T i stopped at a vendor. Where there where beautifully hand sewn items and the lady was sitting and crochetting. I thought it was tres cool. Seeing as though I CANNOT knit for my life. She was making little 4″x4″ squares out of Italian Cotton (which by the way is SUPER soft), she said that they would be dish clothes. Well as I continued through the show I could not shake the idea of how much I wanted to leave and go get a hook and some yarn. My girlfriends sister mentioned (because I kept going on and on about Crocheting) I should get the Sitch ‘n’ Bitch: Happy Hooker book. So when I got home at ohh 10ish I googled “how to crochet” found a few You TUbe videos and I was Hooked (haha get it Hooked). Wow it is late! Well a few days later (Monday) I headed down to the libaray I got Sitch ‘n’ Bitch: Happy Hooker and Cozy Crochet – which are two great books. Since then ohh almost 2 weeks ago I have managed to crochet up a storm.


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