Adventures with Little Miss

Yummy Dinner

So last night while my boyfriend was sleeping on the couch (or as he says Napping – but he was out cold) I was whipping up a delicious dinner. We got some pork chops the other day from the grocery store and I wanted to make a special dinner. So I butterflied them and stuffed them with my homemade stuffing, and to top it off I coated them in a Bread Crumb mixture. It was awesome. I also made his favourite potatoes and yummy carrots. He went on and on all night saying how great dinner was. *Check One for Me*

PORK RECIPE (Free to change it up)

– Pork Chops *Butterflied*

– Stuffing *any way you like to make it*

*Stuff a handful of Stuffing in the middle of the Pork Chop. Tie with cooking string.


– Regular breadcrumbs

– Garlic Salt *I love Garlic*

– Bran (Healthy Option)

– Salt and Pepper

* Coat the chops on both sides

** Cook Chops in Oven (Preheated to 350*F) for 30 minutes. ENJOY **


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