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Who is to blame for the warming trend, Mother Earth or Us?

This is an article I just finished for one of my classes. I thought it was good so I have put some of it up so all can see my perspective.

Warming temperatures and rising levels of Carbon Dioxide (CO2) have been a naturally occurring event since the dawn of time. Over the past 1000 years scientists have seen an increase in global temperature across the globe (IPCC, 2007). Since the Industrial Revolution there was a mean global temperature increase of 0.3*C, which was followed by a period of cooling (Fellman et al., 2003). The warming and cooling trends continued although it was a little warmer during the warming period and less cool during the cooling periods (Felmann et al. 2003). The jury is still out on the appropriate term for this trend, some say it is Global Warming and other deem it Climate Change, for the purpose of this it is a Global Warming. Although the big question is: Who is to blame for the warming trend, Mother Earth or Us? Also who is responsible if any to clean up this climate mess?

Humans have had a large impact in the alteration of the land over the last decades. Since the early 1900s lands have been clear cut for timber and agriculture, which has lead to soil erosion and desertification (Felmann et al. 2003). Clear cutting is a human alteration, in order for more food to be produced for the ever multiplying population, and that leads to many other needs which aid in the warming of our planet. The increased populations need somewhere to live so much alteration to the land is for urban expansion, and the rise in the use of concrete and ash fault. Due to the increase of paving on the surface it leads to more absorption of UV rays since ash fault is black with a low albedo, close to a blackbody (Hyndman, 2006). Overall, there is indisputable evidence showing that humans are to blame for the increased warming, not Ms. Mother Earth.

In the developed world, the masses have a profound desire to indulge and over consume fossil fuel. In the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) release in 2007 the report highlighted ”there is at least a 90 percent chance that human activities, mainly burning fossil fuels, are to blame for most of the warming in the last 50 years” (Dorsey, 2007). In the 2001 IPCC report it was said that there was only a 66% chance that humans were to blame (Dorsey, 2007). That is over a 24% increase in a 6 year span to confirm that humans are slowly killing the earth and themselves.  Based on the sheer alteration of land use buy paving the world, lead to a warming, also the SUVs that drive on the paved world pump-out tonnes of CO2 everyday. All of this leads to a Global Warming induced by humans.

Now who should be responsible to clean up the huge mess we have created globally? Since humans have greatly increased the percentages of CO2 atmosphere, it is mankind’s duty to clean up so that the future generations will be around to see all the beauty and life in the world. The development of the Kyoto Protocol was to create a legally binding contract, with the aspect to hold countries responsible to reduce their carbon footprint. From the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, the Protocol’s major attribute is that it has mandatory targets on greenhouse-gas emissions for the world’s leading economies will have to reach (UNFCC, 2007). These targets are an admiration of the world’s leader making an attempt to change. Although in ones opinion it is truly a reason to allow some to pollute more than others. Globally the leaders of today must come together to reduce GHG emissions and we as consumers have to crack our addiction to fossil fuels. It will not be until we all come on board will any goal or target be achieved.

*Note above article is COPYRIGHT protected – Any recreation of above will result in a lawsuit, unless premission from Author.

How can you help to reduce your carbon footprint?

I do by using my crocheted mesh market bags or the reusable bags you can get from most stores these days – I have a few from A&P, The Barn, and No Frills. Also when I can (am not lazy) I take the bus. Also I have outfitted our apartment with Compact Fluorescent Light bulbs.

I calculated my Carbon Footprint – see the picture… What is yours? How do you compare to mine? >> this is the calculator I used, they all are different so its good to use the same one.


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