Adventures with Little Miss

A little Kitty Love!

So over the past little while my cat (Pearl) has loved this box that was from a new scale I bought! She just gets in it and lays there, they will roll around… I didn’t think it was too comfy so I decided to make her a little kitty blanket. I used odd balls of yarn that my mother gave me over the holidays. We had raided our garage where my mother has this wonderful trunk full of all different items, and a ton of yarn! So because she was not using it and it had sat there in the trunk for a few years (more like many – sorry mum) she gave it to me. So I made Pearl this cute rainbow blanket!

To coax her into the box (now with the blanket in it) I had to use some cat nip… and since then she has been having a hay day in her new play box…

About Pearl – She is a Himalayan. She is 6 years old. She was a barn cat but she is now the Princess of the Couch, bed and all that is comfy.

Pattern – I chained enough to fit the box width wise. I then HDC into each ch across the row. Ch 2, Turn. Then I HDC in between the st across and continued that changing colours (about 3-5 rows per colour) – the size of the odd balls dictated how many rows I could do. Then I SC a boarder to finish. Hope you make a blanket for your Kitty.


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  1. * Diana Adams says:

    Ohh my she is too cute! I was looking for a hand mitt pattern for my grandson ( to crochet) and came across your blog & cute kitty! I just had to post to tell you she is soo cute. I have 3 kitties here, or they have me=) Blessings Diana Adams

    | Reply Posted 10 years, 5 months ago

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