Adventures with Little Miss

Voting & The search of a new pattern

I am today at school working as a poll clerk…

Do you / will you vote this year… More to come with this post later!

So today was Day 1 of our student presidential elections and well at university it is a big deal… We had official voting boxes and a long list of rules! I was very surprised how many people turned out.

During the slow times I decided I would crochet a pair of Mittens although the pattern was not right or I was doing something wrong – probably my gauge. I did try to teach my fellow poll clerk how to crochet and I think she got it! Well tomorrow is Day 2 and another 8 hours of work. Maybe I will be able to get something done. I was googling last night and found a great pattern with granny squares – the Babette Blanket. The Purl Bee – Babette Blanket – This is the site I found the blanket on! It is really cute! I will just have to pick out what I want my colour scheme to be… Open for suggestion!


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