Adventures with Little Miss

What Am I up too?

Well I know many of my posts have not been crochet related directly… But I am back on track. I have updated the extras on the blog showing what are my Works In Progress (WIP). There are many of them, which are all recently started. As some of you all know I recently was invited to Ravelry it was a long wait. But since I have been on the site I have joined many groups and drooled in aww of what others have made.

I am currently in debate whether I should join a Swap on Ravelry. A Swap is a group of people who have the same interests who make a package for another member and send it to them and you do the same. The swap i am looking at is a crochet swap where you pick a pattern (based on what the other person likes – since there is a questionnaire which gives you ideas) and provide all the yarn and accessories needed to make the pattern and some extra little things, like tea, treats ect. This swap is monthly with no set price limit. So I am not to sure about it. There is another one with less people but they have a 50$ US limit (with out shipping) so I am not sure if I want to do a swap. Let me know what you all think!

Right now I am working on a clutch (which is huge), and might become a snazzy laptop case instead. It is in a pretty chocolate brown. I was trying to do the In Bloom pattern from Stitch n’ Bitch: The Happy Hooker. But I was not paying enough attention and well its big. I don’t quite feel like ripping it out so Laptop case it will be.

I did see on Ravelry (not that I can find it now) a beautiful coat/jacket which had a spiral on the back. So I have made my spiral and now am just trying to figure out how I want to go about making my pattern from others.

I have also started trying to burn through my not large stash – because I am not supposed to get anymore Yarn until I use what I have. Jeff is tired of my yarn and projects taking over the living room. I am making squares with the yarn in hopes to make my Babette Blanket – not with granny squares because I am granny square challenged.

I have to go get some soft baby yarn for the baby blanket I have to get on for the Casting On for a Cause project. I think I will make a baby boys blanket… too many baby girl blankets out there. I am thinking blue and yellows as the colours… as for the pattern that is undecided (as always).

Well I am off to study for my test tonight and will most likely get distracted and surf Ravelry and crochet…


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