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Craft Overload…

So as many could imagine, now that I know how to knit I am kind of on crafty overload. I have 4+ crochet WIPs and now 2 Knit WIPs. I also am making a swatch for a knit hat I am going to attempt to make for my hunnie!

So I was working diligently on my dish cloth when I got a HAND CRAMP! That was a sign that maybe I should stop. Well that lasted maybe 20 minutes. I must learn more! So I googled “Cable Stitch” and I taught myself how to do it… It is pretty easy! I thought at least – sorry for those who can not cable. Check out the “How to Cable for Dummies” it helped me.

So today I am off to the library to take out MORE knitting books that focus on Cable patterns. Then to Michael’s to buy more yarn! Yesterday I bought the Pattons 100% Wool and it is super nice! So I would like to get some more!!


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  1. Congrats on learning cables! They are so pretty. I just learned how to make a cable with a purl stitch running through the middle. Also, the dishcloth looks like it’s coming along well!

    | Reply Posted 10 years, 5 months ago

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