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More on my Knitting Fiasco

So as some know I am meeting up with people at a cafe and knit weekly! There the lovely people have helped me emensley and I cannot thank them enough. Although this week has been a KNIT filled week. I did something most days. Wednesday – Thursday & then today (Saturday). One would think I am knitted out – but nope, I have yet to have the knitting burn out. So Today is officially day 8 on my knitting journey and my WIPs (works in progress) are:

  • Hat for my Hunnie
  • My made patterned Cable Scarf
  • Ballband Dishcloth (Mason Dixon Book)

And I will be starting a PAIR OF SOCKS! So if that is not me jumping in the deep end to make different projects I don’t know what would be. I have considered making a sweater but i currently don’t want to spend all the cash on 10+ balls of yarn (and I would want expensive pretty yarn).

So today I finally got my Hunnies hat on to the 16″ circular needles. So I have only ripped it out 3 times, so hopefully the third time is the charm! Plus today we went to a craft store and I purchased some lovely yarn to make socks out of…

I have yet to make those so TIPS and TRICKS are welcome!


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  1. * April says:

    Good luck with the socks. 🙂 I hope to join you soon on the sock journey!

    | Reply Posted 10 years ago

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