Adventures with Little Miss

Update on WIP

I have made some significant progress on my Hunnies hat. I have never knitted in rounds, and I must say it is SO easy! Why didn’t I start this earlier? I had initially started to make his hat as a rectangle and then I was going to sew it up, although one wise woman suggested to me that if I was just patient and knitted the hat on circular needles (which were smaller – 16″ or Double Points) that it would turn out better. Well I must say that wise woman was right, I have knit more on his hat with the circular needles in less than 2 days then what I had when I was using the straight needles. I am excited, and looking forward to how it will turn out. I just hope that I finish it while it is still cold so he can wear it. Well there is a pending snow storm so hopefully we will get snowed in, and I will KNIT like a mad woman to finish it!

I have not started the socks yet. I don’t want too many WIPs all at once. Even though I know that is a crafters prerogative. More to come!!


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