Adventures with Little Miss

Tools of the Trade

Hooks, yarn needles, and stitch markers are all common tools of the trade, but are there any other things you use with your crochet that might not be so common?

Recently I couldnt find any scissors – which is common for me and I used some nail clippers that were laying out. I have also used books to draw straight lines. I am pretty common with the use of post-its to mark my place in my pattern. I have used snazzy charms as markers (this idea I did get from a friend). Plus the other day we were out at a Chinese restaurant and I was thinking if you were bored and had some yarn you could use the chop sticks to knit something – but why you would have yarn and no needles is beyond me. Plus my girlfriend showed me how to make a yarn holder out of a luffa tube. I will post what I mean by this later.


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  1. * titus2woman says:

    This is great! LOVE findin’ yer blog!!!! (((((HUGS))))) sandi

    | Reply Posted 10 years ago

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