Adventures with Little Miss

Welcome to the Sock Safari

I have this large urge to make a pair of socks. When I surf the endless number of blogs it seems all knitting bloggers have made beautiful socks. They are in socks swaps and got to sock nights. I have become very jealous since they all knit so fast and KNOW how to knit socks, and I don’t. But I do know how to knit and crochet because I taught myself. There was some knitting knowledge from years of my mother trying to teach me. So I do thank you for that Mum! So what do I do when I want to learn something new? I GOOGLE it!

I have Googled: Socks, Knitting Socks, How to make knit socks, Knitting socks 101, & Knitting socks step by step. All resulted in many new things learned about sock making yet none were complete, it appeared I could find many patterns but not many HOW TOs with the patterns. I did read Knitty’s Sock Tutorial, but that requires ones knowledge on casting on to DPN (which I lack right now) and then I found Sock 101, which has pictures as to the proper steps to make a sock. Now that is that persons way and it seemed simple, I know there are many more ways out there so as always I am open for suggestions.

Last night after my intense Google session I decide to try to Cast On for the sock pattern I have. Well I was able to cast on, most would have been very confused as to what I was doing – to be honest I was too! Then I tried knitting and all the DPN were like wet noodles hanging on by my interesting Cast On. I was able to Knit 2 of the 3 DPN. Then I decided maybe I would stop – Frog it (Rip it Out) and make a GAUGE SWATCH. Not something I useful do, but I thought it would be a good idea due to it being new yarn I have not used. I am going to trek away at the swatch, show my knitting friends, get some tips and then I will make my sock!

More to come of the Sock Safari – there will be many wild yarns and dangerous needles along the way so make sure to keep your arms and legs in the Sock Jeep. :o)


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