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Sock Safari Update

So last Thursday when I was out with my girlfriends knitting… I brought many things to do, although I did bring my socks stuff in hopes that I can learn some more from The Great Knitters! (You all know who you are) So I had told them all about the previous post and the sock safari adventure, and how I was making a gauge swatch. Well to my surprise your swatch will be different when you knit in a square or in the round. So for the socks they suggested I knit in the round on my DOUBLE POINT NEEDLES (as which you all know I was a bit nervous about).

I began to cast on (with the only way I know how) and one of the Wise Knitters said “would you like to know a more effective way to cast on?” and I replied with “sure” hoping that it was not the long tail cast on (because I still don’t get that). She taught me to cast on as if I were knitting and instead of taking the new stitch and putting it on the other needle I just return it to my original needle *ding ding casted on stitch* and then knit in to that and continue. Well as you may imagine that work great. So I CO 21 sts and put then on my 3 DPN and worked around until I came to Casting Off… Yet again the Wise Knitted told me and showed me how to do this. Huzzah I AM A GREAT KNITTER TOO!

I will start my socks very soon….


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  1. * Knifty says:

    Funny, I would have never called myself wise. Instead I would like to nominate another member of our little knitting group. In fact, I call her “Wise” on my blog. Funny that is. Can’t wait to see how you progress.

    BTW your blog looks great when I’m in firefox.

    | Reply Posted 10 years ago

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