Adventures with Little Miss

My Tiny Stash

Many could say that my so called Stash of 26 whole balls of yarn is a disgrace in comparison to some who have 100+ balls of yarn. I do not know what compelled me to, but last night I sat on the couch and catalogued all my yarn. Only the full balls. I wrote down the brand, name, quantity, colour, gauge, yardage and needle size. I have come to know that I have:

  • A lot of Patton’s Yarn 10 Balls
  • Many need size 6mm knitting needles (Which I do not own)
  • Plus I only have 1 or 2 balls of each… so not enough to make a sweater

I also have to note that I have 15 or so odd balls of yarn that do not have a tag so I don’t exactly know what they all are – the wonders of my great mother giving me all of her old yarn.

Why did I do this? Well I did enter all the info and pictures into my Ravelry. So I can now see what other are making or made with the same yarn! Not that I of all people need anymore ideas!


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