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What do you listen too when you knit?

While on a trip with the ever so great knitters a while back I was introduced to the world of PODCASTS. I have listened to podcasts before, but not about knitting. I thought it was genius. We listened to… Cast On by Brenda (last name has escaped me) and she talks about what is going on in the knitting world, what she is working on, and has some great tunes in-between. I was on iTunes the other day and downloaded a few more of her podcasts, and I just am not currently interested in all that she is talking about. Being a newbie at knitting she was discussing things I am not ready to do – not because I can’t just because I would have too much! *Although that is the downfall of a knitter – WAY too many projects. Back to podcasts… So what did I do to find a new podcast – I GOOGLED it of course (what I always do).

I found Kelly Petkun podcast KnitPicks (which is also available on iTunes), I did download a few and well… I LOVE HER PODCAST! She discusses things that are relevant to me and my knitting; she also has interesting side rants. I love how she addresses things that I want to know… Why this yarn over that yarn? Which is right DPN or Circular? Am I doing this wrong? Do I have to knit English or the other way? All those and more…. and I am only on the 6th podcast. I would definitely recommend this to any new knitter or any knitter for that matter. Kelly Petkun is a lifesaver to me and I thank you Kelly for all the great things you discuss in your podcasts.

What podcasts do you like?? Let me know and I will go check them out!

Though I would add some spring cheer – since we got a dumping of snow last night!

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  1. * Knifty says:

    I have also listed to Its a Purl Man with Guido. He’s funny. I haven’t kept up to date lately with his comings and goings but I know I like his style. As for finding new knitting podcasts, I would suggest you take a look at this link for a Ravelry list of podcasts:

    | Reply Posted 10 years, 4 months ago

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