Adventures with Little Miss

Who knits a gauge swatch!

I do now that is for sure. When I started out crocheting I DID NOT crochet a swatch… That would have been my first mistake when I tired to make a pair of the Lion Brand Cottage Slipper Socks. You can see a photo in Flickr of my pretty leg, I ended up frogging it. Yet prior to that incident i had made scarves, coasters, potpads and dishcloths – which don’t need a swatch for. The next issue with gauge was my HDC crocheted hat, which is TOO big for my head. Plus it doesn’t look that great on me I have been told.

After my yarn-ventory I realized I had a lot of balls of yarn, and that I should make some swatches so I can plan out some projects.

I began with my Vanna’s Choice yarn and casted on 35 stitches – too many after a few rows, for a swatch. So I frogged it and casted on 25 stitches made a swatch with a garter boarder and Stockinette (K,P) in the center.

I then counted my stitches and I found i had too many. Tried going up a needle size and still had too many. Although I was counting them wrong – silly me. I performed my trusty GOOGLE search and was not getting the right help until I read the Swatch Tutorial from Purlbee. Which helped me a lot!

NOTE: FOR GAUGE YOU COUNT THE ‘V’S (as shown above)

I was actually dead on! I have great tension! (Not to brag – much).

Here are some other links with Gauge Information that I thought could help any new knitters:

Swatch Out! by Marilyn Roberts (Knitty)
What is a Swatch? (Stitchguide)
The Importance of Gauge (Suite 101)


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