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I So want to Sew

Oh how I am so witty!

I am an ever loyal blogger… and reader as well. Since the Ultimate Blog Party I have become inundated with many new wonderful adventures to read. I especially have enjoyed Crafty Natalie’s blog – her most recent post Amy Butler Large Portfolio, is not a good post for me to have read. Since it is all about sewing – and for those who know me best I am already on the hunt for a sewing machine, and well this makes me want one more. As I did pledge to make all my gifts this year by hand – see my badges.

Back to what I was talking about; Amy Butler has some great Free Patterns (and these days FREE is the key word)! I have saved a few of her PDFs, which will be gifts for me and maybe some others out there (No names because they may read this now or in the future).

Oh this whole world of craftiness is not looking so great for my wee pocket book – heck I will make my self a bigger wallet (lol).

THANK YOU to all the great bloggers who came by for the Ultimate Blog Party

The photo below is from The Purl Bee’s Knitted Easter Eggs… I think I will try and make some of these little cuties! (If you make some post a link to the pictures I would love to see them!)


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  1. I’m not big on sewing, but the knit eggs are adorable! Good luck on finding the sewing machine. Oh, and I’d love to knit the Calorimetry with you! I’m sure I can find some yarn in my stash for it.

    | Reply Posted 10 years, 4 months ago
  2. * natalie says:

    i saw these on the purl bee’s website and thought they were super cute! too bad i don’t knit! 😦 can’t wait to see yours when you make them!

    | Reply Posted 10 years, 4 months ago

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