Adventures with Little Miss

Did you get your Fibre today?

On my way to work today I was listening to KnitPicks podcast, episode 19 – Knitting on a Budget. Kelly P mentioned that all the different ways to knit on a budget. The budget is what we all knitters should have! Yet I know so many who don’t! She mentioned that we should looked for deals on the web or at out LYS. I looked at Elann and Knit Picks.


  • Elann Callista (Cotton 25%, Viscos Rayon 50%, Linen 25%) $3.07 CAD for a 50g ball (130yd)
  • Elann Camila (50/50 Cotton & Linen) $2,83 CAD (123yd)
  • Elann Espirt (Cotton 98.3%, Elastic 1.7%) $2.83 CAD (100yd)

Knit Picks — I was looking at many different yarns!

You maybe asking why am I talking about this… Well I am looking for a great fibre to knit a article for myself. I would like to make something from my IK Spring 2008 issue. I have been looking at the little tank shirt Frock Camisole. Since it will be summer soon.


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