Adventures with Little Miss

An act of creativity

Well the other night I went at visited Knifty‘s. While I was visiting I worked on my little sister’s sweater and I have about 4.5″ now. I am very pleased! Knifty had many crafty things going on… sewing, knitting, new knitting things, and so on… (Check it out). When I returned home I continued to knit and watch the good old TV at the same time – creating an action which was mindless, repetitive and full of visual stimulation (all from my chat with Sally Melville), and well I had a “ahh ha” moment and decided that I was going to knit some fingerless gloves. I have wanted a pair seeing as it is still cool in the morning and chilly in the evening – and well not cold enough for normal mitts/gloves.

So… I started the Knitty Fetching Pattern. I must say I do not have too much trouble with the DPN, although throwing in a cable needle too. Well that can become slightly overwhelming. Although I too am making progress on the glove!

I am thinking I may try Magic Loop for the second glove… We will have to see how it goes!


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