Adventures with Little Miss

On the Knitting Front

Well my past few post have been all about my Fetching gloves… I am still on my first one… but I am making good progress. I am not as quick as those Knitters out there who produce a sweater in a week but I am learning 3 skills with this project (maybe even more):

  1. Knitting in the round BUT
    with DPN
  2. Ribing and Cableing on DPN (which is slightly daunting)
  3. Knit something you want to knit – even if you thought it would be too hard!

I have been to judgemental in the past with my own skills and my ability to knit. I am a quick study and I always dive head first into unknown waters and well that is me, Little Miss, that is just how we do things. I must say that it is scary sometimes but it feels great to do something well. I think I should teach myself things more often!

Here is a photo update:


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  1. * Knifty says:

    Very impressive progress. I never gave up on you!

    | Reply Posted 10 years, 3 months ago

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