Adventures with Little Miss

Creativ Festival

I went to the Creativ Festival today. I know I could have gone to the Knitters Frolic but I didn’t really want to just go to a show about knitting (as much as I love it). So I went to the Creativ Festival and the Food Networks Good Food Festival.

I got to the International Center at 1045ish and stood in line and chit chatted with some lovely crafters. A mother and daugther who sew and another woman who is a budding Entprenure with her scrapbook company. I had a great time in line for the 10minutes with the ladies. Did I mention that I did go to this by myself? I ran to one of the free workshops. It was all about Creative Spinning. I have to say I learned ALOT in the 40 minute session. I now understand 2 plys (which are the yarns I find the most attractive). Who knows maybe I will become a spinner. I would love to make my own Yarns!

I stopped and purchased some lovely sock yarn, Jitterbug. I am going to make my little sister a pair of socks (or two if I have enough).

I stopped at the MacFab booth and bought an Amy Butler pattern The Frenchy Bag. One of the employees was very helpful and aided me in choosing some Fabric. Amy Butler fabric of course! So that will be something I will dust off the sewing machine for.

I headed over to the Good Food festival and INDULGED in some great food! I have to say I had a really good day! Plus it ended excellently with a Salmon, Lobster and Shrimp dinner I made for my hubbie and my girlfriend.


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