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Everyone is Spinning…

I did mention in my post about the Creativ Festival that I attended a workshop about Creative Spinning. The workshop was put on by, Cindy Cole. She had alot of handspun yarn and fibre with her. Many of her yarns had themes, or had items sewn or spun into them. She had two wheels with her: the Ashford Country and the Ashford Joy.

Cindy showed us how to spin yarn on the wheels, she used 100% superwash merino (white) and then plyed it with thread. Cindy said that you spin the fibre and then add thread to make it stronger. She demonstated how to coil the yarn. Cindy mentioned that the yarn was 109 yards and when she was done coiling it was 9 yards. She also demonstrated how to make a 2 ply with two different coloured handspuns.

It was all very neat and I think I might make myself a drop spindle. Then I can be just like all my favourite knitters out in the blogosphere who have the most beautifull Handspun yarns. I do know that they all use wheels and not drop spindles but we all have to start somewhere.

(This is one of Plucky Knitter’s handspun’s I love)

When I was at the Creativ Festival I met Shannon Okey the author of many books but one in particular Spin to Knit. I picked it up today from our local library. I will let you all know what I think when I read it!

Tips are always welcome when it come to my new endevors – so if you know a good tutorial to make a drop spindle, great place to purchase fibre in Ontario or just have tips from your own experience I would love to hear them.

You can leave a comment or send me an email at: littlemisscrafty (at) yahoo (dot) com. (I do it that funny way so the bots cant get my email to spam).


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