Adventures with Little Miss

Little Miss MIA

Yes!! I have been MIA for sometime now… Just the hassle of work and taking a few classes this summer!  It can be rather stressful!

I have been knitting… I have taught my self how to do the Magic Cast On for a toe up sock.  I used the Knitty Magic Cast on for Toe up socks.  I was slightly confused and well I frogged it twice which is good.  I also was working on Increases for the toe aswell.  Ohh new skills!

Well about the sock – I am making the socks for my tiny sister.  I am using the KnitPicks Harmony US 2 needles and the KnitPicks Essential Yarn in Peacock.  I have about 1″ knit so far.  As you all know I dont like patterns I tend to make them up as I go… I have done that so far with this 1″ of knitted toe.  I am looking for some inspiration for the socks, as I dont want to knit it entirely in Stockinette like her sweater!

As you can see from the progress shot, that I do need to work on my toe portion… I need to improve my skill of increasing, yet credit is due; on that I (as always) manage to teach my self how to do things.  I think this may be a sock tester, in that I will make only one sock as a reference for the others I intend to make.  I am still honing all my skills!

About the needles – THANK YOU KELLY!! They are great.  I am so glad I did purchase these needles!  The cables are so squishy (flexible) in comparison to other which are SUPER rigid (Boye Circs).


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