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Miss me?

I didn’t think so… well there have been a monument of changes that have occurred in my life… Since September my man and I are no longer together (we weren’t married) yet it was hard.  I have started a new creative path in the sense I went back to school and started taking culinary!  Yes I do cook and cook well ;o).  I have changed a lot in 2008.  I had made some resolutions back in 2008 to do with my craftiness and well they subsided due to the ever changing of my life.  I do hope to fulfill more of those this year.

On the needles currently:

– Green Scarf

– Earth tone cowl (which was going to be a hat but is way too big)

– Knitty Fetching gloves

Those are my current projects… I am also trying to spin.  More to come on that since I have been reading some posts on it .

Just an aside for those I am MOVING… :o) still in the same city but from an apartment to a house! I am excited.  It has a pool! Which will be wicked!

So far with my scarf

So far with my scarf


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