Adventures with Little Miss

Baa Baa Black Sheep

Well Little Miss has embarked on a new crafty venture… Today my Mom, Sister, Curly and I went out to a friends farm.  They have 10+ sheep and they were recently sheared.

We picked up 5 bags of raw fleece from the sheared sheep.  Mom, Curly and I sat up in the garage and cleaned it up.  I went over to the Black Lamb and got some tips from Laurie.  She also pointed out to me what I was doing wrong when spinning with my drop spindle.  She said that when cleaning sheep it is called Skirting.  Also she said for us to get it cleaned carded and spun it was better to go to a mill.  So we have begun to skirt the wool and clean the crap (literaly) out of it.

There are some good sites out there for this:

How to take wool from a sheep to the needles

How to Skirt a Fleece


Raw Unskirted Fleece

Working with Mom!


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