Adventures with Little Miss

Maple Pecan Tart to Guerrilla Gardening

Earlier today Curly (my hunnie) asked me to make a dessert for his parents.  So we were looking on the and I found the Maple Pecan Tart recipe.  From there we rewrote it out went to the Metro got the ingredients and made the tart!  It was good! Note:  coke the tart for 35-40 minutes otherwise it does set properly.  While waiting for it to cook I was looking at the site, and noticed the banner for the 100 Mile Challenge (Food Network Canada Show),  I had wanted to do this before yet always got sidetracked.  This show is based on the book 100 Mile Diet, there is a site for that too.  Well with some further research I have found a whole slew of wicked sites/blogs that have great ideas.

While surfing the sites related to the show… I saw many neat things that I am going to start doing:

  • Eat Locally (of course) I have already looked up the places within 100 miles of my home.
  • I also found site that are related to CSA or Community Supported Agriculture in Ontario.  These are farms that will provide you with boxes of fresh fruits and veggies every week.  I have looked at the the prices and for my area they seem reasonable.  Let me know what you think.  When I get into my new apartment (which I have not found yet), I think this is something I might get into.
  • Guerrilla Gardening?? Yes I said that too… what is it? Well Guerrilla Gardening is where local people spread seeds or start gardens in places where you would not think to see or find one.  These Guerrilla Gardeners have ideas like Seed Bombs.  I have decided to on the weekend make some… and carry some with me to beautify the urban space.

So researching a tart recipe led me to a new vision and new ideas for eating better.  I hope you see the path that I took and maybe you will join me in Greening the areas!


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