Adventures with Little Miss

Sticks and String

I would say its been a long while since I have had my knitting needles and yarn… Curly and I last friday went and cleaned up my storage unit.  I was looking through some of the stuff and things I didn’t need I tossed.  But in the unorganized jumble I found my yarn, needles, roving and my spindle.

I picked up my KnitPick circular needles and some  yarn and just stared at it.  It was unknown to me.  I felt like all the yarn-y things I had taught myself had gotten pushed out or  filed somewhere deep in my brain.  I will be doing my best to look for it.  I know that before my knitting hiatus I had wanted to make a pair of socks.  Or atleast one sock… so that is my current knitting goal.

I will get back to photographing my ideas and progress soon.  I always like


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