Adventures with Little Miss

Whole Challenge Update 1

Well to keep you all updated!  I have managed to go Monday to Friday popless… I have made an exception I can have one pop a week.  I did today with lunch!! I am happy with my ability to stop drinking empty calories.  I have been drink alot more juice and water.  I have had a couple teas for the caffine but I only put 2 sugar (not nearly as many as you find in coke or pepsi).  Did you know: * One can of coke contains nearly 10 teaspoons of sugar or the entire daily recommended amount of calories from sugar!!! Thats a crap load! Drink less pop & drink more water- CHECK 🙂

I have not been doing my yoga *slaps hand* I know I have to get into that! Tomorrow I am going to go get my mat from storage and make a post-it stick and put it on my laptop – DID YOU DO YOUR YOGA!! Plus I am looking for a good yoga DVD. Yoga every day – no check yet 😦

Eating healthier! CHECK! I have been eating smaller poritions and trying to snack less.  But when I have snacked it has been peanut butter on 1/2 bagel or rice thins.  I even have had one apple a day (for monday to friday).  My hunnie, Curly has packed my lunch and thus the Apples! Thanks Babe.

** I will continue on my whole life challenge **


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  1. * ashvin says:

    thank you so much ….nice post dear …i think i find one nice blog on wordpress ….keep it up …from ashvin

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