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New Craft Alert – Homemade Books

Well today has been a super stressfull day.  Today is Curly’s older brother birthday so I was voluntold to make potatoe salad!  Which was delicious might I add!  I managed to make it all in about 45minutes! The BBQ party went very well!  But my day at work – oh my goodness!  I could have strangled someone!! I need a NEW JOB!!

ALTHOUGH, on the flipside, I am not relaxing and surfing the blogosphere.  I went surfing the tag surfer on wordpress, and found a new blog to read :o)  PaperKitty.  The post caught my eye… *NEW CRAFT ALERT* (lol) I have decided to make Paper bound books.  Well to be honest I hate the daily planners that you cna buy from staples so I am going to make my own.  So in my search I have found some new links for book binding.

Enjoy these links! Please let me know if you have found other!  I am going to go to a pretty paper store tomorrow and see what I like.  Plus I think I might make a mini one tonight… I will take pictures and post them later!


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  1. * erscampbell says:

    Thanks so much for recommending my blog! I appreciate the support.

    If there’s anything in particular you’d like to see my write about, please let me know.

    🙂 Elissa

    | Reply Posted 8 years, 8 months ago

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