Adventures with Little Miss

I love Saturday’s!

Today was an awesome Saturday!  Curly and I went wondering some flea markets.  His xbox recently got the red ring of death, so he pulled out his old PS2.  We went looking for a 2nd controller and some games!  We managed to get 5 games and 1 controller for $40.  Except 😦 the controller doesnt work so we have to take it back.

After we went looking at his stuff he said what would you like to do?? We went down Locke St, this street is one of the artisans streets in town!! I now heart Locke St.  We went into some funky little shops.  One in particular – Textures.  It was a store that had ALOT of handmade things in the store!! I saw some handbound books as well as other neat things: rock quote, bags made out of jucie packets, felted items – dog balls, rings, cuffs (there was a beuatiful cuff) and other felted nick nacks. I am going to try to make some stain glass!  yes I know that I am all over the place when it comes to crafts but I am happy and exploring all things!!

This is the front door… I took it to show you all! Plus I didnt get a shot of the whole store it wouldnt turn out on my BB that was all I had with me 😦

Here are the stain glass Kitties that I thought were super cute!

Well we have to run, hanging out with some friends tonight and Curly really wants to head out! So I will finish this post later!!


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