Adventures with Little Miss

Update of Little Miss

Life has been hectic! I am trying to find a new job! Yet these days with the recession there are not a lot of employers hiring! I have been neglecting my crafts due to time and being busy with life. I have been reading all the wonderful blogs. I do recommend using Google Reader – its great for sorting your blogs and keeping up to date.

I am hoping to get back into the crafts soon!! I am feeling the knitting bug coming on. I was looking at some new books at Chapters.

I have been working hard toward my Whole Life Challenge! I have managed to lose 10 lbs!! I am very happy with my progress! I think that it has had a lot to do with drinking less pop and when I say less I mean… maybe 1 can of pop a week if that! There have been some times where I have gone 2 weeks without it! Also I have been eating a lot of fruit and looking at healthier options. I have been reading many healthy blogs – I need to figure out how to export my Google Reader to show all the blogs I am enjoying.

Surfing the blog world now! May find something fun to post about… I usually do!


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