Adventures with Little Miss

Finally a JOB for Little Miss

Well there was some happiness for me today! I have a JOB! I went back and had talked to my old boss and she said she was really looking for someone! Basically begged me to come back! I didn’t make myself look to desperate but of course I said YES!! So Little Miss has a job… maybe the bad stuff is starting to get pushed out!! Bring me the money! Soon I will have some extra cash – with it I intend to purchase some new supplies and start making things that I can sell on etsy or too friends/family. Plus I thought this would be a good time to start creating some gifts for birthdays and Christmas!

Plus I plan to add to my Whole Life Challenge some money challenges… I want to learn more about finances and saving!!

Here are my goals (regarding the money)

  1. MAKE A BUDGET ( I will update you on this)
  2. Save more MONEY
  3. Make more Cash on the side. Do something to earn more
  4. Learn to evaluate the NEEDs from the WANTs

Update to Original Whole Life Challenge – I have lost almost 10lb


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