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Book Review: EcoCraft & Last Minute Knitted Gifts

The two craft books that I have been looking through and planning gifts for family members (and not all gifts) are from these two books.  I found out yesterday that my cousin is pregnant!! I have many baby things to craft up now :)  I am happy about this!!

Back to the books:DSC03179

I have really enjoyed both of these books.  I prefer the Eco Crafts since I am able to reuse common stuff.  I really like one craft in particular that I am not making for anyone specific so I can post about it…. The reusable lunch bag that is made from plastic bags.  This is an excellent idea and I do need a lunch bag (well really a bag for my dinner).  When I make it I will post about it… DSC03182 

Last Minute Knitted Gifts has many great ideas and it is broken down into the time it takes to make the gifts.  I have marked some for gifts for all of my family!! But two I would like to make for myself are: I have made the cowl before but I like the one they have.  Plus I really want to make a pair of fingerless gloves…. We will see how it goes!

DSC03188 DSC03181


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  1. * goshyarnit says:

    looks like your projects will turn out nice!! how is the ecoknits book? i have heard good things about it, but never really checked out the patterns or anything. and congrats on your cousin’s pregnancy!! i’m sure it will be very fun knitting items for a baby!! Check out the Saartje’s Bootees pattern–so cute!! if i had known about them when my little sister was born, i DEFINITELY would’ve made them, but she’s too big now. 😦


    | Reply Posted 8 years, 6 months ago

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