Adventures with Little Miss

The Skinny on Sugar

The idea that coke is priced less than water just gives the whole show away

and that has to do with enormously successful industry lobbying.”

~ Marion Nestle, a nutritional scientist. Exerp from CBC Documentary Big Sugar

Sweet lovely white and brown sugar, how I love you.  Yes I have been a sugar-acholic for all of my life.  I have grown up with Coke and Pepsi as main drinks.  My father was an avid Coke drinker and my Mother a Pepsi drinker.  It was always fun going out to dinner with them.  I have always enjoyed both to be honest with little to no thought on how much sugar there was in both.  To be honest up until now I did not care! Why care now… Well as I have not been feeling well I am feeling my health should be stationed as number 1 priority.

Pepsi has (read from the label of a 2L bottle):  110 Calories and 29g of Sugar in 250 ml. That is aproximately 6.112 teaspoons of sugar.

They say on average that one person may consumer 1 can of pop ever day for a year.  So if we do the math:

29 grams of sugar x 365 days = 10585 grams of sugar (just from pop) consumed each year and according to google calculator that is 10 585 grams = 23.3359305 pounds. Alot of sugar!  That is as much as my Scottish Terrier.   I also because I am not a dietiain or knower of calories and weight related calculations I googled:

How many pounds would you gain if you drank one soda a day for a year?

To my amazement you would gain a whoping 14 pounds!!

If you drink a 12 oz can of Coca-Cola every day you would gain 14.6 pounds per year. (one can = 140 calories x 365 days = 51,100 calories / 3500 calories = 14.6 pounds)

So please take the eye opening OMG that I have consider the math… I hope to shed those 14 pounds and shed my pop habit too…


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