Adventures with Little Miss

End of Week 2 – Status

  • Eat BREAKFAST every day. (SoSo 3/5) – Did not get enough sleep and chinced out on my breakie time!! Tisk Tisk
  • Take the stairs in the apartment. (Can’t at work, alarms will sound)  — (3/5) I take the dog out and we always take the stairs but I need to up the anty with this one!
  • Take a 30 minute walk each day (Check 5-5)
  • No POP!! (Big one for me to break) — I had 2 cans otherwise a good week!!
  • Drink more water (Check 5/5) Huge 2L bottle of tap water a day!
  • Do Yoga every day for 30 minutes – Nope – Failed Again!
  • Limit Sugar intake – On going process
  • Eat more fiber (In hopes to ease tummy issues) – On going
  • Pack a lunch everyday (no lunch at the office) – YES!!! 🙂
  • Enjoy the small things!  (Or Plan some fun things!! – Planned a Knit night — So excited for next week)

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