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Product Review: Bobble Water Bottle

In relation to my Whole Life Challenge I have choosen to drink more water so why not it be filtered and in style.  I was surfing the infint number of blogs I read, and found a blogger who had one.  (Can I find that blogger now – no *Sorry* – I really did want to thank you)

I found that you could order them online… it was going to be $21 with shipping and then I was clicking around there site and saw they sold them at (Crappy Tire – Family Name) Canadian Tire for $12.99.  So clearly I went down to CT and purchased one.   When I came home straight to the sink and filled it up:

Since purchase I have filled and drank about 5 bottles since Saturday.  The filters are supposed to be good for 300 bottles so we will see.  As for taste… It similar to the Britta as it has a charcoal filter.  I do enjoy having fresh filtered water that I can enjoy anywhere.  I would say this would be awesome at a cottage or camping to filter the well water (note it will not filter bacteria or harmful nasties… Just chlorine, odors and tastes).  I very much enjoy this.  My only qualm with it is the bottle feels a bit flimsy at times and it leaked a bit today in the car, although it was on its side.

Remember we should be conscience on our water consumption due to the number of plastic bottles… If you get a chance watch Tapped.  Enjoy the trailer…


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