Adventures with Little Miss

Walk… Jog…

Well today was the first day at my new job.*smile* It was a long day of sitting and training videos (8 hours of them *Sigh*).  Although way better than what I did do before.  I did not sleep well last night so I have had little to no energy.  At Mr. first break at 6pm we chatted and whoa I felt like I had more energy (Thanks Babe).

I was going to take Dexter out for his walk… and decided no I am going to have a Jog/Walk.  So I grabbed my runners and my iPod and we went on our way.

We started by walking down 4 residential blocks (warm up) – keep in mind the last time I RAN was oooo that long I do not remember.  We jogged 2 residential blocks.  Did curb step ups for 2 minutes. Walked 1 residential block and jogged the last 2 and 3/4 blocks.

I am proud of myself!!! *Pats Back*  Plan for tomorrow go farther!


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