Adventures with Little Miss

I <3 BOOKS!!!

So after my little run yesterday I came home to a package… I had not ordered anything so I was surprised that I had a package.  I had received 2 books from my Aunt!  I had forgotten I had asked for a book and she was getting the other book as a prezzie for me.

A Little Piece of Earth ~ Maria Finn (Chapters Link)

I had really wanted this book as I have wanted to have a little Urban Farm.  Well to be honest I have always wanted a real farm but a mini one (minus the animals) will have to do for now.  I am looking forward to utilizing some of the tips and suggestions in the book to build up my balcony!  Plus plants are on sale now 🙂

Eating for IBS ~ Heather Van Vorous (Chapters Link)

For the past 8 months at least I have been suffering from severe intestinal pain.  I was advised that I may have IBS although with the Family history with Crohn’s it is also possible that is what I have.  I will using some of the lifestyle suggestions in this book to mediate the pain.  I have recently cut down to eliminated the amount of fatty food I consume which is also good for my weight 🙂 – I will provide and update as to see how the progress goes with this.


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