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Overnight Oats!


So I gave it a shot!! This was testing the process of making overnight oats… I used (what we had in the cupboard) 5 grain Pc Blue Menu blend.  They are great cooked on the stove.  So last night I put 1/2 cup of 5 grain cereal in the bowl, 3/4 cup of milk and let it sit in the fridge.  Well I woke up to soaked cereal.  It was ok.  I through in some raisins, granola, peanut butter and honey. I did stir it up and dig in.  Although the texture was a bit Slimy and did not seem right.  I ate 80% of my bowl. 

Here are some other bloggers who make over night oats:

Oh She Glows: Easy Vegan Overnight Oats

Ohh May: Vegan Overnight Oats

Happy Heart, Happy Mind: Oats, Oats, Wonderful Oats

In light of my first test… I am going to head back over to bulk barn today and pick up some regular oats and I am going to follow Oh She Glows idea and make some soft serve VOO.


Barcode Free Challenge


Well as I am now working hard to ensure that I am eating healthy and hopefully losing some weight.  I would like to try and reduce the number of items I eat that have barcodes.  The main point is to reduce processed foods and to eat more locally.  How much do you eat that is processed?  What so bad about processed foods??

There are GOOD processed foods and then there are BAD processed foods.  The bad foods I will do my best to avoid are made with trans fats, saturated fats, and large amounts of sodium and sugar. These types of foods should be avoided, or at least eaten sparingly.

Processed foods that may not be as healthy as fresh foods include:

  • canned foods with lots of sodium
  • white breads and pastas made with refined white flour, which are not as healthy as those made with whole grains
  • packaged high-calorie snack foods, like chips and cheese snacks
  • high-fat convenience foods, like cans of ravioli
  • frozen fish sticks and frozen dinners
  • packaged cakes and cookies
  • boxed meal mixes
  • sugary breakfast cereals
  • processed meats

My Barcode Free Challenge.  I pledge to cut out as many processed foods as possible… I am going to try some of the ideas from Nourished Kitchen, who had a 28 Day Challenge to reduce Processed Foods.  Nourished Kitchen challenge happened in Feb 2010 and NK kept a log of the days.  Here is a link to the recap posts from NK.

Here is a list of the challenges NK asked those who participated to try:

The Daily Challenges

  • Ditch processed, packaged, refined foods.
  • Choose wholesome, natural foods.
  • Improve your grains.
  • Start your sourdough.
  • Sprout your grains.
  • Mill your own sprouted flour or make wet-milled sprouted grain bread.
  • Relax and evaluate.
  • Fats for moderate and high heat.
  • Fight against GMOs.
  • Fats to eat raw.
  • Bake your sourdough.
  • Find real milk.
  • Get your (good) bacteria.
  • Relax, evaluate and eat some dark chocolate.
  • What’s a SCOBY?
  • Get cultured (veggies, that is).
  • Make yogurt at home.
  • Make cheese at home.
  • Prepare nuts and seeds properly.
  • Maximize the value of beans and legumes.
  • Vegetables and salads and another reason to eat your fats.
  • Why you should eat red meat.
  • Eat your bacon, eggs and lard too.
  • Homemade broth and stock.
  • Not-so-awful Offal.
  • Fish and seafood.
  • Grow your foodshed.
  • Beyond the challenge.

I am going to try some of these and I will post my recaps to them… Hope you follow along as well!

Strawberries Bonanza!!

So after E and I came home from our Adventure, we unpacked the car and loaded all the fruits and veggies and the one chicken into my little fridge.  We (cleaned) the kitchen up and bit and got our little homemaker hats on and went to town.  E decieded to search the infinite web for the great blog-goddess out there for a delicious short cake recepie and well she found, The Pioneer Woman’s Strawberry Short Cake Cake and well WE made it and here is the proof!

Oh and I made Jam! I used the One Change Blog Fresh Strawberry Jam recipe. It is super yummy too….

Adventures at the local farms!

I had decided well before I knew E & her hubby were coming down that I was going to go pick strawberries and go on an adventure of the local farms. Well it was awesome because the Men went to London to hang with friends and we went to the farms!

First we went Lindley’s Farm, where they have pick your own strawberries. E and I both picked 6 qts of berries.  The berries were delicious and so ripe!! I could not have asked for more.  We chatted and picked and talked to the other people picking in the rows to each side of us.

We then adventured over to Fenwood Farms and bought some meat… Yes I have not transitions to vegetarian yet. I am working to incorporate meatless meals.  I bought a WHOLE chicken (it was $14) which is a bit steep but hey it was LOCAL!!! (*When I cooked it last sunday it was SOOOO Good*)  We then travelled off home thinking what will we make with all this yummy food.

PR: Smart Food

The Smarter Smart Food

Mr. Man’s Mom bought new snack this past week and she gave us 2 packets of Smart Food {Cranberry Almond}.  They are small 28g bags with 130 Calories.  There was not alot in the bag. The popcorn is light although it does have a candy coating or sugar coating on some kernals with Cranberry.  I did not taste the Almond.  It was very sweet.

I have been on a high fiber kick lately as it does help with the pain in my Tummy and with a whooping 5g fiber this would be a happy snack for me.  I think I would prefer a different flavor.   Mr. did not mind the snack although he was not asking me to go out and get more.  I might try the other flavors.

My only issue with the snack is for 130 calories I think there would be better snack choices with just as much fiber and would make you feel full longer. Or give you the illusion you ate more with the same amount of calories.

Have you ever tried this snack? What did you think?

Again. Should I Etsy?

Well all… Here is the big question should I Etsy??? Do you Etsy?? Has it been lucrative?? Why agian with the questions well as some know (mainly twitter followers) I do not enjoy my day job!! I spend most my day getting either yelled at by customers or management. There is so much drama!  So I would really like to find a secondary source of income.  So I have really been considering ETSY!!

What could I sell – knitting, crafts, preserves, gifts.  Will they sell? I am really not sure.  I would really love your input!!

Chickpea Salad

This is my favorite summer salad!! Plus it is quick to make and simple!! You can modify it to your tastes as well!!

1/2 Cucumber Diced

1 Can Chickpeas (wash)

1 Can sliced Black Olives (I use a whole can because I love Black Olives)

2 oz Feta Cheese (Crumbled)

Combine above ingredients in a largesh bowl.

Then mix in a seperate bowl:

1 – 2 Cloves Garlic Minced

Couple leaves of Fresh Basil Chopped

Olive Oil and Apple Cider vinager for the liquid *I eyeball sorry no measurement.

Mix both together and sit in fridge for 30 minutes to allow tastes to mix.  Best served (in my opinion) the next day!

Homemade Ice Tea

I have to say I have been jealous of my best friends yummy homemade ice teas… She has been using herbal teas and other tummy teas.  Well I have decided with the scorching (well starting to scorch) heat (30*C) this week and its late May! Its going to be a warm summer.   Well I have decided to make my own iced tea drinks… I will be experimenting with some recipes I have found.

– Traditional Summer Refreshment: Homemade Iced Tea

– Make Your Own Iced Tea

Make your own! Citrus Iced Green Tea

Even going to try to make some Sun Tea.

I decided to try Traditional Summer Refreshment: Homemade Iced Tea first!! So I filled my kettle with 2 LTs of water and put 4 tea bags in the Jug.

Boiled water and poured over tea bags, and allowed to steep for 20 minutes and added about 3 tbs of brown sugar for some sweetness.

And the outcome proves to pass the Hunnie Test.


Here is an update on my little basil, chives and rosemary.  Well today has been VERY windy and I lost the tray for the seedlings in the wind. To be honest I lost a few soil pods… But they were the ones with no sprouts so it was ok.  The basil is growing the best, then the chives.  The rosemary is taking the longest.

Whole Life Challenge Update 2

I have been making an honest effort to not drink pop!  Last week I had pop on the weekend but not durring the week. Where as the goal for this week is no pop at all! I have been subsituting pop with lots of water and well VitaminWater!  I have tried the Restore and today I got the XXX.  They are both delicious!!

Plus on some of the blogs I have been reading, both Jenna and Kath talk about Amazing Greens.  Guess what I saw today! The actual product, I was excited to see this because I am here in Canada.  It was fairly expensive!  I am still reading up on it, I want to do my due diligence to research it.