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Just call me Little Miss Farmer!

“Oooo Little Miss had a farm, ee iii eee iii oo,  and on this farm she had many plants, ee ii ee ii ooo.”


Yes my little farm has been growing well only 100 more days till everything is grown.  I think I might need to get some bigger pots!! I did not have any celery the other day and some how lost my onion I bought. (It must be the heat) and well I was make red lentil soup.  I needed celery and an onion to go in my mirepoix – for non cooks “Mirepoix is a simple combination of onion, carrot and celery that is used in nearly every traditional French stew and many other dishes.”  Aka the base of my soup veg wise.  So i grabbed a few peices from the celery and a tiny little onion bulb:

019 020

While I was waiting on my soup I nibbled on a few pieces of kale, which to my amazement tasted like cabbage. I enjoyed it!

021Just wish I could make it all grow BIGGER!! I think I truly need bigger pots!!


Ontario Barns

Well Mr. and I were driving though Southern Ontario and well… I wish I had my camera.  While driving past scrawling fields and farms you would see the occasional new home built on was be farm land which had all torn down barns.  All that was left of what would have stood a wonderous barn was the old stone foundation.

To be honest this pained me to see.  I truly wish to have a farm one day and to revitalize the local produce and meat concept.  I worked at a Donkey Sanctuary when I was in high school and it was the best summer I can remember.  I think it is SUCH a shame to tear down a barn!  I do wish that you could rent a barn or farm land.  Really what are those city folk who redid the house going to do with all that land.  Nothing.

What a great barn should look like:

What I saw (sorry I didn’t have my camera just imagine the red wood is not there):

Wishing to rent a barn or farm land!! Move from the city and enjoy a peaceful and crazy time on a farm!!