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TTC Knit Along 2010

On Saturday July 10th I and my mother took part in the TTC Knitalong.  We started our days on either sides of Toronto and both rode the GO train in.  We met at Union Station and then took the TTC up to The Passion Knit.  When we got there we signed in and met some of the other ladies who came.  We were not the only mother daughter group, we met Lindsay and Ruth.


(Ruth, Lindsay, Mom and I)


We all got the great red swag bags.  I dug through mine and checked what we got:


I did get some great DPN and a pattern for the Universal Sock.  I bought a ball of On Lite a germany sock yarn.  You can guess what I started to work on.  Mom casted on to make life easier.  I was on the search all day for the best pair of needles. ADI TURBOS!!  So we travel on to Mary Maxim.  We all wandered the shop and then stopped for lunch.


We then headed off to Knitomatic via Subway:



Thank you to Kim (On the Left) for taking the majority of these photos.  We got to Knitomatic


and I found the holy grail of needles *Note this is my opinion* I began knitting further on my socks.  I was so happy with these needles.


While at Knitomatic Haley the owner and her amazing Parot hopped around all of us crazy ladies with sticks and string.


We then took all of our wares travel again on the TTC.  We took the Streetcar and it was HOT and sticky.  Although we were happy to be off to Romini Wools on Queen.  It was huge and I got a Spinning Wheel!  I will post on that later. We ended our journey and Rivoli a bar on Queen.  We all relaexed untill all the groups got in.  The team leaders Thanked Us and the Stores for the great wears we got.  They handed out prizes and we knit and chatted. 


Thank you again for the great day!! Looking forward to next year!


Again. Should I Etsy?

Well all… Here is the big question should I Etsy??? Do you Etsy?? Has it been lucrative?? Why agian with the questions well as some know (mainly twitter followers) I do not enjoy my day job!! I spend most my day getting either yelled at by customers or management. There is so much drama!  So I would really like to find a secondary source of income.  So I have really been considering ETSY!!

What could I sell – knitting, crafts, preserves, gifts.  Will they sell? I am really not sure.  I would really love your input!!

Progress: Noah’s Sweater

Well I am making some signifcant progress on Noah’s sweater… I am almost done the right side and then 2 arms and seaming and completion.

I have only made a couple boo boo’s but none the less I am still happy with the progress!

Windy Days

It is super windy here today.

While I have been home these days I have founds some great new projects I would like to embark on:

Knitting: Breeze by Kim Hargreaves – Amazing patterns of sweaters and shrugs I would love to knit.  Working to finish Noah’s Baby Sweater.  Considering making some items and selling them on Etsy as my friends E. had suggested that she like my work and that other would to.

Spinning: Getting some further information on Spinning, with a spindle and or a wheel.

Cooking: Looking in to Pickling and Preserving some of the recent veggies.  Reading Jam it, Pickle it, Cure it – Which is pretty awesome.

Noah’s Sweater

Well I have made some progress…. Well quite a bit of progress on Noah’s Baby Sweater.

I have to say I am proud of the proud of the sweater… I have never made anything like it. I know there may be a few mistakes but I am happy to say it is going well… Plus I made button holes :o)

Pattern: Lion Brand Baby Hoodie

Yarn: Vanna’s Choice

Happy Easter

Little Miss wishes you all a HAPPY EASTER!

I hope you found many little eggs around the house that the Easter Bunny left… Maybe he left some knit ones for those knitters :o) – Maybe he will next year


Well I was visiting my family, and my mother recently purchased a spinning wheel.  She is living in a whole area of fiber!! She has bags of all different kinds of fiber and it is so awesome.  She has been working at the Black Lamb, I am jealous.  But aside I spun!! On a real BIG GIRL wheel.  I was so exicted.  Also I did not do to bad.  My mother said that I had a great spin

Now to decide what to make and what colour it will be….

Book Review: EcoCraft & Last Minute Knitted Gifts

The two craft books that I have been looking through and planning gifts for family members (and not all gifts) are from these two books.  I found out yesterday that my cousin is pregnant!! I have many baby things to craft up now :)  I am happy about this!!

Back to the books:DSC03179

I have really enjoyed both of these books.  I prefer the Eco Crafts since I am able to reuse common stuff.  I really like one craft in particular that I am not making for anyone specific so I can post about it…. The reusable lunch bag that is made from plastic bags.  This is an excellent idea and I do need a lunch bag (well really a bag for my dinner).  When I make it I will post about it… DSC03182 

Last Minute Knitted Gifts has many great ideas and it is broken down into the time it takes to make the gifts.  I have marked some for gifts for all of my family!! But two I would like to make for myself are: I have made the cowl before but I like the one they have.  Plus I really want to make a pair of fingerless gloves…. We will see how it goes!

DSC03188 DSC03181

She Knits Again

Well earlier Curly was using my computer to play some game… So I dug into my knitting bag!

So I pulled out some Knit Picks circular needles and the Knit Pick Essential yarn. I have decided thatI am going to make Curly’s sister a pair of socks.  I am still looking for a good pattern! Please share one!

Sticks and String

I would say its been a long while since I have had my knitting needles and yarn… Curly and I last friday went and cleaned up my storage unit.  I was looking through some of the stuff and things I didn’t need I tossed.  But in the unorganized jumble I found my yarn, needles, roving and my spindle.

I picked up my KnitPick circular needles and some  yarn and just stared at it.  It was unknown to me.  I felt like all the yarn-y things I had taught myself had gotten pushed out or  filed somewhere deep in my brain.  I will be doing my best to look for it.  I know that before my knitting hiatus I had wanted to make a pair of socks.  Or atleast one sock… so that is my current knitting goal.

I will get back to photographing my ideas and progress soon.  I always like