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TTC Knit Along 2010

On Saturday July 10th I and my mother took part in the TTC Knitalong.  We started our days on either sides of Toronto and both rode the GO train in.  We met at Union Station and then took the TTC up to The Passion Knit.  When we got there we signed in and met some of the other ladies who came.  We were not the only mother daughter group, we met Lindsay and Ruth.


(Ruth, Lindsay, Mom and I)


We all got the great red swag bags.  I dug through mine and checked what we got:


I did get some great DPN and a pattern for the Universal Sock.  I bought a ball of On Lite a germany sock yarn.  You can guess what I started to work on.  Mom casted on to make life easier.  I was on the search all day for the best pair of needles. ADI TURBOS!!  So we travel on to Mary Maxim.  We all wandered the shop and then stopped for lunch.


We then headed off to Knitomatic via Subway:



Thank you to Kim (On the Left) for taking the majority of these photos.  We got to Knitomatic


and I found the holy grail of needles *Note this is my opinion* I began knitting further on my socks.  I was so happy with these needles.


While at Knitomatic Haley the owner and her amazing Parot hopped around all of us crazy ladies with sticks and string.


We then took all of our wares travel again on the TTC.  We took the Streetcar and it was HOT and sticky.  Although we were happy to be off to Romini Wools on Queen.  It was huge and I got a Spinning Wheel!  I will post on that later. We ended our journey and Rivoli a bar on Queen.  We all relaexed untill all the groups got in.  The team leaders Thanked Us and the Stores for the great wears we got.  They handed out prizes and we knit and chatted. 


Thank you again for the great day!! Looking forward to next year!


Noah’s Sweater

Well I have made some progress…. Well quite a bit of progress on Noah’s Baby Sweater.

I have to say I am proud of the proud of the sweater… I have never made anything like it. I know there may be a few mistakes but I am happy to say it is going well… Plus I made button holes :o)

Pattern: Lion Brand Baby Hoodie

Yarn: Vanna’s Choice

She Knits Again

Well earlier Curly was using my computer to play some game… So I dug into my knitting bag!

So I pulled out some Knit Picks circular needles and the Knit Pick Essential yarn. I have decided thatI am going to make Curly’s sister a pair of socks.  I am still looking for a good pattern! Please share one!

Baa Baa Black Sheep

Well Little Miss has embarked on a new crafty venture… Today my Mom, Sister, Curly and I went out to a friends farm.  They have 10+ sheep and they were recently sheared.

We picked up 5 bags of raw fleece from the sheared sheep.  Mom, Curly and I sat up in the garage and cleaned it up.  I went over to the Black Lamb and got some tips from Laurie.  She also pointed out to me what I was doing wrong when spinning with my drop spindle.  She said that when cleaning sheep it is called Skirting.  Also she said for us to get it cleaned carded and spun it was better to go to a mill.  So we have begun to skirt the wool and clean the crap (literaly) out of it.

There are some good sites out there for this:

How to take wool from a sheep to the needles

How to Skirt a Fleece


Raw Unskirted Fleece

Working with Mom!

The New Knitty

I was surfing and saw that the new issue of Knitty is out.  I am looking for a new fresh project that I can do to reboot my Knitting love.  There were two patterns that I think are cute:


I would make this little dress for my sister.  She is 5 in a few days and she is super skinny so Ifigure I can mod the pattern to make it long enough for her.

If not this is a super cute pattern for anyone who is having a baby!

The second cute pattern is:


I would make this vest for myself. It would be nice on a cool spring day.  Plus it has the added difficulty with the 90* turn.  I have not knit anything like that.

Plus this would be a awesome present for christmas or someones birthday!


I am so bored… Right now I am jobless and stressed out. All my knitting (and well all of my stuff) is in a 10×10 storage container. I really want to get it all out! I want my stuff back! I really just want a job!!

Knitting a scarf is getting SUPER boring… and I currently have one set of US5 needles and a ball of Vanna’s Choice yarn in green. It works as a Project Spectrum item, yet I am bored!! HELP ME I AM DIEING OF BOREDOM!!

Suggestions Welcome!

Mystery Package Solved!

Well I had mentioned on Friday that there was a UPS sticky note on my door indicating I had a package I was to sign for (but I was not here).  So I looked up the info number and it said the package weight 11lbs and started in IA, US.  So I was mighty confused as to WHAT IT WAS!

Today (being Monday) the UPS guy came back and gave me a giant box… Which said Greenies on it!  I then clued in as to where it was from.  It is from head office of one of my many jobs.  I do promos for pet food.  It was a giant box full of greenies products.

Then 10 minutes later Canada Post showed up with……

My books from Chapters! I am so excited I can make up some new stitch patterns in my designs and go sew up a storm!

Creativ Festival

I went to the Creativ Festival today. I know I could have gone to the Knitters Frolic but I didn’t really want to just go to a show about knitting (as much as I love it). So I went to the Creativ Festival and the Food Networks Good Food Festival.

I got to the International Center at 1045ish and stood in line and chit chatted with some lovely crafters. A mother and daugther who sew and another woman who is a budding Entprenure with her scrapbook company. I had a great time in line for the 10minutes with the ladies. Did I mention that I did go to this by myself? I ran to one of the free workshops. It was all about Creative Spinning. I have to say I learned ALOT in the 40 minute session. I now understand 2 plys (which are the yarns I find the most attractive). Who knows maybe I will become a spinner. I would love to make my own Yarns!

I stopped and purchased some lovely sock yarn, Jitterbug. I am going to make my little sister a pair of socks (or two if I have enough).

I stopped at the MacFab booth and bought an Amy Butler pattern The Frenchy Bag. One of the employees was very helpful and aided me in choosing some Fabric. Amy Butler fabric of course! So that will be something I will dust off the sewing machine for.

I headed over to the Good Food festival and INDULGED in some great food! I have to say I had a really good day! Plus it ended excellently with a Salmon, Lobster and Shrimp dinner I made for my hubbie and my girlfriend.

Surprise Note on my Front Door

I came home from a funeral today to find this sticky note on my door. It did take some time for me to clue in as to what it may be. I looked up the Info number on and found out it started in the US and I am assuming that it is my new Knitpicks Needles and Yarn.

I picked the 32″ harmony wood needles in US 2 and 3. I also am getting some of the Knitpicks Essential Sock yarn.

I cannot wait until Monday when UPS comes back… I will let you all know if this is what arrives on Monday.