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TTC Knit Along 2010

On Saturday July 10th I and my mother took part in the TTC Knitalong.  We started our days on either sides of Toronto and both rode the GO train in.  We met at Union Station and then took the TTC up to The Passion Knit.  When we got there we signed in and met some of the other ladies who came.  We were not the only mother daughter group, we met Lindsay and Ruth.


(Ruth, Lindsay, Mom and I)


We all got the great red swag bags.  I dug through mine and checked what we got:


I did get some great DPN and a pattern for the Universal Sock.  I bought a ball of On Lite a germany sock yarn.  You can guess what I started to work on.  Mom casted on to make life easier.  I was on the search all day for the best pair of needles. ADI TURBOS!!  So we travel on to Mary Maxim.  We all wandered the shop and then stopped for lunch.


We then headed off to Knitomatic via Subway:



Thank you to Kim (On the Left) for taking the majority of these photos.  We got to Knitomatic


and I found the holy grail of needles *Note this is my opinion* I began knitting further on my socks.  I was so happy with these needles.


While at Knitomatic Haley the owner and her amazing Parot hopped around all of us crazy ladies with sticks and string.


We then took all of our wares travel again on the TTC.  We took the Streetcar and it was HOT and sticky.  Although we were happy to be off to Romini Wools on Queen.  It was huge and I got a Spinning Wheel!  I will post on that later. We ended our journey and Rivoli a bar on Queen.  We all relaexed untill all the groups got in.  The team leaders Thanked Us and the Stores for the great wears we got.  They handed out prizes and we knit and chatted. 


Thank you again for the great day!! Looking forward to next year!


She Knits Again

Well earlier Curly was using my computer to play some game… So I dug into my knitting bag!

So I pulled out some Knit Picks circular needles and the Knit Pick Essential yarn. I have decided thatI am going to make Curly’s sister a pair of socks.  I am still looking for a good pattern! Please share one!

Sticks and String

I would say its been a long while since I have had my knitting needles and yarn… Curly and I last friday went and cleaned up my storage unit.  I was looking through some of the stuff and things I didn’t need I tossed.  But in the unorganized jumble I found my yarn, needles, roving and my spindle.

I picked up my KnitPick circular needles and some  yarn and just stared at it.  It was unknown to me.  I felt like all the yarn-y things I had taught myself had gotten pushed out or  filed somewhere deep in my brain.  I will be doing my best to look for it.  I know that before my knitting hiatus I had wanted to make a pair of socks.  Or atleast one sock… so that is my current knitting goal.

I will get back to photographing my ideas and progress soon.  I always like

Little Miss MIA

Yes!! I have been MIA for sometime now… Just the hassle of work and taking a few classes this summer!  It can be rather stressful!

I have been knitting… I have taught my self how to do the Magic Cast On for a toe up sock.  I used the Knitty Magic Cast on for Toe up socks.  I was slightly confused and well I frogged it twice which is good.  I also was working on Increases for the toe aswell.  Ohh new skills!

Well about the sock – I am making the socks for my tiny sister.  I am using the KnitPicks Harmony US 2 needles and the KnitPicks Essential Yarn in Peacock.  I have about 1″ knit so far.  As you all know I dont like patterns I tend to make them up as I go… I have done that so far with this 1″ of knitted toe.  I am looking for some inspiration for the socks, as I dont want to knit it entirely in Stockinette like her sweater!

As you can see from the progress shot, that I do need to work on my toe portion… I need to improve my skill of increasing, yet credit is due; on that I (as always) manage to teach my self how to do things.  I think this may be a sock tester, in that I will make only one sock as a reference for the others I intend to make.  I am still honing all my skills!

About the needles – THANK YOU KELLY!! They are great.  I am so glad I did purchase these needles!  The cables are so squishy (flexible) in comparison to other which are SUPER rigid (Boye Circs).

Oooo Awwww

I went out today to help my girlfriend move and I came home to find a package!!!

It was my KnitPicks Stuff…

I am so happy that the needles and yarn are here… Just in time for me to show them off at my Pub Knit tonight!  Thank you Kelly Petkun for making such a beautiful set of needles.  I got the Harmony Wood Circs which are fixed.  I got the US 2 & 3 in the 32″ lenght.  I cannot wait to cast on and give them a whirl! *You can see more photos in my Flickr!

I will post more about the great needles later tonight or tomorrow!

Surprise Note on my Front Door

I came home from a funeral today to find this sticky note on my door. It did take some time for me to clue in as to what it may be. I looked up the Info number on and found out it started in the US and I am assuming that it is my new Knitpicks Needles and Yarn.

I picked the 32″ harmony wood needles in US 2 and 3. I also am getting some of the Knitpicks Essential Sock yarn.

I cannot wait until Monday when UPS comes back… I will let you all know if this is what arrives on Monday.

An act of creativity

Well the other night I went at visited Knifty‘s. While I was visiting I worked on my little sister’s sweater and I have about 4.5″ now. I am very pleased! Knifty had many crafty things going on… sewing, knitting, new knitting things, and so on… (Check it out). When I returned home I continued to knit and watch the good old TV at the same time – creating an action which was mindless, repetitive and full of visual stimulation (all from my chat with Sally Melville), and well I had a “ahh ha” moment and decided that I was going to knit some fingerless gloves. I have wanted a pair seeing as it is still cool in the morning and chilly in the evening – and well not cold enough for normal mitts/gloves.

So… I started the Knitty Fetching Pattern. I must say I do not have too much trouble with the DPN, although throwing in a cable needle too. Well that can become slightly overwhelming. Although I too am making progress on the glove!

I am thinking I may try Magic Loop for the second glove… We will have to see how it goes!

The luck of the Hunt

The beauty of Thrift!! I went to Value Village tonight with my Hunnie. I saw many knit and crocheted items on the blanket racks. There was a cute ripple blanket (crochet). The wise Hunnie remarked – Why don’t you make one of those… Way to long to make even though I am a speedy Crocheter. Oh back to my point – I bought two clear bags with Knitting Needles in them each 1.99$. I got 5 4 ½ mm DPN, 4 2 ¼ DPN, a set of 2 ¾ mm needles, a pair of 5 mm and finally a circular (24″) 6mm needle. All of those were purchased for 4.50(tax included). I thought that was quite the purchase! I will have to go back to Value Village and other Thrift stores.