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Mini Product Review: Greens+ Smoothie!

First all I have to say is the bag TOTALLY LIES!! My best friend E. is doing a product review of the Greens+ Smoothie and well I had been considering trying those products.  Well last weekend E and her hubby came down to my little B&B.  So Saturday morning before our great adventure (posts to come) E. made up 2 green drinks with apple juice.

It was so not good!!! The bag truely lies!! So I deciede to blend it with some froozen stawberries and ice.  Still no change still tasted HORRID.  FYI Pinching your nose so does not help either.  Well I drank it all. I had to chase each gulp with water.

Note: Just because it says on the outside smooth texture and great taste – be weary. Products LIE!!


I <3 BOOKS!!!

So after my little run yesterday I came home to a package… I had not ordered anything so I was surprised that I had a package.  I had received 2 books from my Aunt!  I had forgotten I had asked for a book and she was getting the other book as a prezzie for me.

A Little Piece of Earth ~ Maria Finn (Chapters Link)

I had really wanted this book as I have wanted to have a little Urban Farm.  Well to be honest I have always wanted a real farm but a mini one (minus the animals) will have to do for now.  I am looking forward to utilizing some of the tips and suggestions in the book to build up my balcony!  Plus plants are on sale now 🙂

Eating for IBS ~ Heather Van Vorous (Chapters Link)

For the past 8 months at least I have been suffering from severe intestinal pain.  I was advised that I may have IBS although with the Family history with Crohn’s it is also possible that is what I have.  I will using some of the lifestyle suggestions in this book to mediate the pain.  I have recently cut down to eliminated the amount of fatty food I consume which is also good for my weight 🙂 – I will provide and update as to see how the progress goes with this.

Walk… Jog…

Well today was the first day at my new job.*smile* It was a long day of sitting and training videos (8 hours of them *Sigh*).  Although way better than what I did do before.  I did not sleep well last night so I have had little to no energy.  At Mr. first break at 6pm we chatted and whoa I felt like I had more energy (Thanks Babe).

I was going to take Dexter out for his walk… and decided no I am going to have a Jog/Walk.  So I grabbed my runners and my iPod and we went on our way.

We started by walking down 4 residential blocks (warm up) – keep in mind the last time I RAN was oooo that long I do not remember.  We jogged 2 residential blocks.  Did curb step ups for 2 minutes. Walked 1 residential block and jogged the last 2 and 3/4 blocks.

I am proud of myself!!! *Pats Back*  Plan for tomorrow go farther!

PR: Smart Food

The Smarter Smart Food

Mr. Man’s Mom bought new snack this past week and she gave us 2 packets of Smart Food {Cranberry Almond}.  They are small 28g bags with 130 Calories.  There was not alot in the bag. The popcorn is light although it does have a candy coating or sugar coating on some kernals with Cranberry.  I did not taste the Almond.  It was very sweet.

I have been on a high fiber kick lately as it does help with the pain in my Tummy and with a whooping 5g fiber this would be a happy snack for me.  I think I would prefer a different flavor.   Mr. did not mind the snack although he was not asking me to go out and get more.  I might try the other flavors.

My only issue with the snack is for 130 calories I think there would be better snack choices with just as much fiber and would make you feel full longer. Or give you the illusion you ate more with the same amount of calories.

Have you ever tried this snack? What did you think?

5K Goals!

When reading some of the other blogs and about the Couch to 5K, they had all stated in one way or another to have a goal or plan.  So I thought I would share some goals:

– Run a 5K (Lees Pharmacy Dundas Cactus 5k/1k 2010 & The Waterfront Trail)  both after my 9 weeks.

– Get a new pair of running shoes

– Take the dog on these runs

– Run 10K by December

– Share my running experience with Friends and Family

– Join a Clinic at the Running Room

– When I complete my 9 weeks, buy a new ipod.

Couch to 5K

Well I have really been thinking about my mental and emotional health.  I had though of my phyiscal health and wanting to be more fit and shed some weight, well I have decided no better time then the present.  I will be running by the end of the summer.  That is my goal.  It may not be a fast run, but it will be running.

I have decide to do the Couch to 5K Program.  I like as it is free. I may join a running clinic at a Running Room but I am not sure if I am at the level yet.  I have made (reformatted) the Workout Plan Cto5K [Google Docs].  I hope to start this week.  We well see how it goes.  I will blog along the way, and tweet my progress with the others who are attempting the same plan.

Off to dig out my running shoes and sports bras!!

Bloggers Who are C25K and Links:

– No Pain, No Pain: The “Couch to 5K” and Humane Design (article)

Barefootinvermont’s Blog


Megan in Motion

Again. Should I Etsy?

Well all… Here is the big question should I Etsy??? Do you Etsy?? Has it been lucrative?? Why agian with the questions well as some know (mainly twitter followers) I do not enjoy my day job!! I spend most my day getting either yelled at by customers or management. There is so much drama!  So I would really like to find a secondary source of income.  So I have really been considering ETSY!!

What could I sell – knitting, crafts, preserves, gifts.  Will they sell? I am really not sure.  I would really love your input!!

Progress: Noah’s Sweater

Well I am making some signifcant progress on Noah’s sweater… I am almost done the right side and then 2 arms and seaming and completion.

I have only made a couple boo boo’s but none the less I am still happy with the progress!

Chickpea Salad

This is my favorite summer salad!! Plus it is quick to make and simple!! You can modify it to your tastes as well!!

1/2 Cucumber Diced

1 Can Chickpeas (wash)

1 Can sliced Black Olives (I use a whole can because I love Black Olives)

2 oz Feta Cheese (Crumbled)

Combine above ingredients in a largesh bowl.

Then mix in a seperate bowl:

1 – 2 Cloves Garlic Minced

Couple leaves of Fresh Basil Chopped

Olive Oil and Apple Cider vinager for the liquid *I eyeball sorry no measurement.

Mix both together and sit in fridge for 30 minutes to allow tastes to mix.  Best served (in my opinion) the next day!

Product Review: Bobble Water Bottle

In relation to my Whole Life Challenge I have choosen to drink more water so why not it be filtered and in style.  I was surfing the infint number of blogs I read, and found a blogger who had one.  (Can I find that blogger now – no *Sorry* – I really did want to thank you)

I found that you could order them online… it was going to be $21 with shipping and then I was clicking around there site and saw they sold them at (Crappy Tire – Family Name) Canadian Tire for $12.99.  So clearly I went down to CT and purchased one.   When I came home straight to the sink and filled it up:

Since purchase I have filled and drank about 5 bottles since Saturday.  The filters are supposed to be good for 300 bottles so we will see.  As for taste… It similar to the Britta as it has a charcoal filter.  I do enjoy having fresh filtered water that I can enjoy anywhere.  I would say this would be awesome at a cottage or camping to filter the well water (note it will not filter bacteria or harmful nasties… Just chlorine, odors and tastes).  I very much enjoy this.  My only qualm with it is the bottle feels a bit flimsy at times and it leaked a bit today in the car, although it was on its side.

Remember we should be conscience on our water consumption due to the number of plastic bottles… If you get a chance watch Tapped.  Enjoy the trailer…