Adventures with Little Miss

Smooth Smoothie!

Last Friday I was out with hunnie while he was buying an iPhone (I am super jealous).  I wondered around the mall where he was, and went into Your Good Health.  I had been looking for some sort of smoothie mix and I did not enjoy Greens+ Smoothie. So I bought Vega Shake and Go in Berry flavor.

Here are the facts about the mix:

Each serving of Vega Shake & Go Smoothie includes:

  • Two servings of veggies
  • 2500 mg Omega-3-6-9
  • 11 g complete protein
  • Only 100 calories
  • 1 billion probiotics cultures

Berry Ingredients:
organic green pea protein, organic coconut palm nectar, flaxseed, hemp protein, organic sprouted brown rice protein, organic green food blend (alfalfa grass, organic kale leaf, organic spinach leaf, organic broccoli sprout, spirulina), natural flavours, xanthan gum, beet powder, digestive enzyme blend, citric acid, malic acid, dairy-free probiotic blend (L. acidophilus, B. bifidum).

I tired drinking it straight, it was ok, a bit grainy although tasted better that the Greens+.  Although I will note that I did choose to make it into a blended smoothie.  I mixed in raspberries and some OJ.  It was great and enjoyable.  I will continue to drink this.  I like that it does not make and claim that it will make you feel more full of energy or that you will see a change in a certain number of days.  They only claim that it mixes well with water and that is true.  I hope to try the other flavours as well.

Do you have a favourite smoothie recipe or brand please do share!



I was talking to another blogger the other day about Motivation and how you stay motivated.  Well I have been super tired every day after work and I have not been training.  I feel really crummy not training.  I really want to run that 5K. 

The issue is that when I get home from work (well on my walk home) my feet hurt SO MUCH!  I have been standing everyday for 8 hours and it is KILLING my feet. I have tired everything like soaking my feet and ice, nothing is helping my feet.

How is it that you all stay motivated?  What can I do to stay motivated… I think I am going to post and share my plan.  Hopefully that will help me be accountable to someone out there other than myself.  If you are reading this please share your ways to stay motivated.

Walk… Jog…

Well today was the first day at my new job.*smile* It was a long day of sitting and training videos (8 hours of them *Sigh*).  Although way better than what I did do before.  I did not sleep well last night so I have had little to no energy.  At Mr. first break at 6pm we chatted and whoa I felt like I had more energy (Thanks Babe).

I was going to take Dexter out for his walk… and decided no I am going to have a Jog/Walk.  So I grabbed my runners and my iPod and we went on our way.

We started by walking down 4 residential blocks (warm up) – keep in mind the last time I RAN was oooo that long I do not remember.  We jogged 2 residential blocks.  Did curb step ups for 2 minutes. Walked 1 residential block and jogged the last 2 and 3/4 blocks.

I am proud of myself!!! *Pats Back*  Plan for tomorrow go farther!

End of Week 2 – Status

  • Eat BREAKFAST every day. (SoSo 3/5) – Did not get enough sleep and chinced out on my breakie time!! Tisk Tisk
  • Take the stairs in the apartment. (Can’t at work, alarms will sound)  — (3/5) I take the dog out and we always take the stairs but I need to up the anty with this one!
  • Take a 30 minute walk each day (Check 5-5)
  • No POP!! (Big one for me to break) — I had 2 cans otherwise a good week!!
  • Drink more water (Check 5/5) Huge 2L bottle of tap water a day!
  • Do Yoga every day for 30 minutes – Nope – Failed Again!
  • Limit Sugar intake – On going process
  • Eat more fiber (In hopes to ease tummy issues) – On going
  • Pack a lunch everyday (no lunch at the office) – YES!!! 🙂
  • Enjoy the small things!  (Or Plan some fun things!! – Planned a Knit night — So excited for next week)

Whole Life Challenge 2010

For any and all who followed before I had done the Whole Life Challenge back in June 2009.  Well lets say I left the wagon and well given my current state with the potential of having crohn’s or IBD I will be revamping and restarting the Whole Life Challenge.  I intend to have this last for me for 1 month (to start) or 4 weekly posts with how and what is going on with my challenge.  I hope to continue after wards.

Some of my changes:

  • Eat BREAKFAST every day.
  • Take the stairs in the apartment. (Can’t at work, alarms will sound)
  • Take a 30 minute walk each day
  • No POP!! (Big one for me to break)
  • Drink more water
  • Do Yoga every day for 30 minutes
  • Limit Sugar intake
  • Eat more fiber (In hopes to ease tummy issues)
  • Pack a lunch everyday (no lunch at the office)
  • Enjoy the small things!

Please feel free to join in!! Comment on your own progress on your blog and link back to the week your in.  I will be having weekly posts to show you how I did the week before.

  1. May 16th 2010 (Completion of Week 1)
  2. May 23rd 2010 (Completion of Week 2)
  3. May 30th 2010 (Completion of Week 3)
  4. June 9th 2010 (Completion of Week 4 and  WLC)

Ontario Barns

Well Mr. and I were driving though Southern Ontario and well… I wish I had my camera.  While driving past scrawling fields and farms you would see the occasional new home built on was be farm land which had all torn down barns.  All that was left of what would have stood a wonderous barn was the old stone foundation.

To be honest this pained me to see.  I truly wish to have a farm one day and to revitalize the local produce and meat concept.  I worked at a Donkey Sanctuary when I was in high school and it was the best summer I can remember.  I think it is SUCH a shame to tear down a barn!  I do wish that you could rent a barn or farm land.  Really what are those city folk who redid the house going to do with all that land.  Nothing.

What a great barn should look like:

What I saw (sorry I didn’t have my camera just imagine the red wood is not there):

Wishing to rent a barn or farm land!! Move from the city and enjoy a peaceful and crazy time on a farm!!

Insight into the health of LM

Well I have been blogging more this week.  This is due to more time! I have been home this week due to a medical leave.  I have been suffering a lot of pain.  The doctors are not sure what is wrong just yet. Although my Nan had Crohn’s and they think I might have it too…

Basically I am in horrid pain.   I have not been able to pin point trigger foods.  I wish I knew what I should do… I have founds some links:’s-disease.html

If  you have any suggestions or tips I would be happy to hear them!! I know there are probably a lot of people who suffer from this or have the symtpons although do not think anything is wrong.  To be honest I didn’t until I got the horrid pain.

So I have been trying to figure out what I should eat.  Low Fiber, No Fiber, Gluten Free? I would again greatly appreciate any input!

Nice Potassium…

Maybe not as fun as I thought that was… Although I have recently found out that I have low potassium… I am looking to find some information as to how to combat it!  My doctor is currently not sure why, so we will see!

If you know someone who has low potassium or did please mention I am looking to find out some more information!

Update of Little Miss

Life has been hectic! I am trying to find a new job! Yet these days with the recession there are not a lot of employers hiring! I have been neglecting my crafts due to time and being busy with life. I have been reading all the wonderful blogs. I do recommend using Google Reader – its great for sorting your blogs and keeping up to date.

I am hoping to get back into the crafts soon!! I am feeling the knitting bug coming on. I was looking at some new books at Chapters.

I have been working hard toward my Whole Life Challenge! I have managed to lose 10 lbs!! I am very happy with my progress! I think that it has had a lot to do with drinking less pop and when I say less I mean… maybe 1 can of pop a week if that! There have been some times where I have gone 2 weeks without it! Also I have been eating a lot of fruit and looking at healthier options. I have been reading many healthy blogs – I need to figure out how to export my Google Reader to show all the blogs I am enjoying.

Surfing the blog world now! May find something fun to post about… I usually do!

Whole Life Challenge Update 2

I have been making an honest effort to not drink pop!  Last week I had pop on the weekend but not durring the week. Where as the goal for this week is no pop at all! I have been subsituting pop with lots of water and well VitaminWater!  I have tried the Restore and today I got the XXX.  They are both delicious!!

Plus on some of the blogs I have been reading, both Jenna and Kath talk about Amazing Greens.  Guess what I saw today! The actual product, I was excited to see this because I am here in Canada.  It was fairly expensive!  I am still reading up on it, I want to do my due diligence to research it.