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Barcode Free Challenge


Well as I am now working hard to ensure that I am eating healthy and hopefully losing some weight.  I would like to try and reduce the number of items I eat that have barcodes.  The main point is to reduce processed foods and to eat more locally.  How much do you eat that is processed?  What so bad about processed foods??

There are GOOD processed foods and then there are BAD processed foods.  The bad foods I will do my best to avoid are made with trans fats, saturated fats, and large amounts of sodium and sugar. These types of foods should be avoided, or at least eaten sparingly.

Processed foods that may not be as healthy as fresh foods include:

  • canned foods with lots of sodium
  • white breads and pastas made with refined white flour, which are not as healthy as those made with whole grains
  • packaged high-calorie snack foods, like chips and cheese snacks
  • high-fat convenience foods, like cans of ravioli
  • frozen fish sticks and frozen dinners
  • packaged cakes and cookies
  • boxed meal mixes
  • sugary breakfast cereals
  • processed meats

My Barcode Free Challenge.  I pledge to cut out as many processed foods as possible… I am going to try some of the ideas from Nourished Kitchen, who had a 28 Day Challenge to reduce Processed Foods.  Nourished Kitchen challenge happened in Feb 2010 and NK kept a log of the days.  Here is a link to the recap posts from NK.

Here is a list of the challenges NK asked those who participated to try:

The Daily Challenges

  • Ditch processed, packaged, refined foods.
  • Choose wholesome, natural foods.
  • Improve your grains.
  • Start your sourdough.
  • Sprout your grains.
  • Mill your own sprouted flour or make wet-milled sprouted grain bread.
  • Relax and evaluate.
  • Fats for moderate and high heat.
  • Fight against GMOs.
  • Fats to eat raw.
  • Bake your sourdough.
  • Find real milk.
  • Get your (good) bacteria.
  • Relax, evaluate and eat some dark chocolate.
  • What’s a SCOBY?
  • Get cultured (veggies, that is).
  • Make yogurt at home.
  • Make cheese at home.
  • Prepare nuts and seeds properly.
  • Maximize the value of beans and legumes.
  • Vegetables and salads and another reason to eat your fats.
  • Why you should eat red meat.
  • Eat your bacon, eggs and lard too.
  • Homemade broth and stock.
  • Not-so-awful Offal.
  • Fish and seafood.
  • Grow your foodshed.
  • Beyond the challenge.

I am going to try some of these and I will post my recaps to them… Hope you follow along as well!


Whole Life Challenge

As I have mentioned at the beginning of June I am currently trying to revamp my life.  Making healthier choices and returning to all things that make me happy.  Well while reading blogs I managaged to get all the way to The Whole Life Challenge.  Maggie had the great idea to make her healthy life choices a challenge – agian I pledge to stick to the whole life challenge for the (2 weeks as stated – yet it will hopefully stik and be a life change).

Here is the Challenge (copied from Maggie – Link above)

The Whole Life Challenge starts tomorrow, Wednesday June 17th 2009 (I changed the date to be current for me)!  Let’s try to do it for two weeks.  If we like it, we can continue on through the end of June.  Feel free to join at any time.  Here are the options (remember, you only have to pick one for each day, but you can do more):

  1. Yoga every day (at least 10 minutes)
  2. Walking every day (at least 10 minutes)
  3. New meals each week (at least 1 *new* recipe each week – can be for lunch or dinner; this can be a recipe that you make, or a meal that you eat out that you’ve never had before; preferably more than 1 each week!)
  4. Eating a big enough dinner so that I don’t need to snack before bedtime (aiiii, this is the hardest one!)
  5. Going organic for greens…
  6. So that I can eat a nourishing bowl of green oats each day! (any variation of “green” is good here – green smoothie, green oat bran, green oatmeal, green anything!)
  7. Pick your own! Just let me know what you want to try to do for 2 weeks.  I’ll post about it and link back to you if you have a blog.

* I will add some of my own ideas, plus there are some already listed in older posts*


1.  Cut out pop! Drink more water and juices. – I have been drinking too much pop for 15 years or more and I need too cut it out!

2.  Yoga – I habe always loved doing it and I am having lower back issues from work so I am going to try and strenghen my back.  Plus I miss the workout.

3. Veggies – Eat more veggies!

Maple Pecan Tart to Guerrilla Gardening

Earlier today Curly (my hunnie) asked me to make a dessert for his parents.  So we were looking on the and I found the Maple Pecan Tart recipe.  From there we rewrote it out went to the Metro got the ingredients and made the tart!  It was good! Note:  coke the tart for 35-40 minutes otherwise it does set properly.  While waiting for it to cook I was looking at the site, and noticed the banner for the 100 Mile Challenge (Food Network Canada Show),  I had wanted to do this before yet always got sidetracked.  This show is based on the book 100 Mile Diet, there is a site for that too.  Well with some further research I have found a whole slew of wicked sites/blogs that have great ideas.

While surfing the sites related to the show… I saw many neat things that I am going to start doing:

  • Eat Locally (of course) I have already looked up the places within 100 miles of my home.
  • I also found site that are related to CSA or Community Supported Agriculture in Ontario.  These are farms that will provide you with boxes of fresh fruits and veggies every week.  I have looked at the the prices and for my area they seem reasonable.  Let me know what you think.  When I get into my new apartment (which I have not found yet), I think this is something I might get into.
  • Guerrilla Gardening?? Yes I said that too… what is it? Well Guerrilla Gardening is where local people spread seeds or start gardens in places where you would not think to see or find one.  These Guerrilla Gardeners have ideas like Seed Bombs.  I have decided to on the weekend make some… and carry some with me to beautify the urban space.

So researching a tart recipe led me to a new vision and new ideas for eating better.  I hope you see the path that I took and maybe you will join me in Greening the areas!

Back again with a Greener path

Being green can also equal being crafty!!! I will show you how, but first some apologize and explaining to do.

As I have stated in the past the the hiatus would be temporary it has not. This I am sorry to my readers… Even if they are only my family and friends!  I will be making an honest effort to blog more and to keep in touch, not just so you can see all the crazy hair brain ideas I get.  But this will be my journal… my family and friends have said that I should get back in to my blogging and writing because I am more level when I do so… Here are my goals (new goals):

1. Blog MORE!! I pledge to try and post every day or atleast a few times a week.  The reason why – well I have been hushing myself and I have to much knowledge and interesting finds to share with you all… (who ever you are – Please leave comments so I can engage you too)

2.  Get my personal finances in order.  Well I have already started to try to do this – JUNE: Month to notate all the I am spending so I can analyze it and save.

3. Lose some weight – Well more engage in a more healthy lifestyle.  I am doing this not to be more “beautiful” because I love me the way I am.  But I am doing this to ensure that I am healthy and today we see so many with Diabetes and or Heart issues and I do not want to push my luck.  There are sub goals in this one:

  • Eat more healthy foods – I have decided Healthy also means Local so I am enrolling in the 100 mile challenge.  I pledge to eat more, and more, and more local food.  *I will do this as long as I am not going to become broke by it*
  • Exercise – In accordance with my saving and personal finance revamp I am going to exercise at home and outside (posts on this to come)
  • Drink more water and fluids other than POP (aka Pepsi or Coke *my weakness*)

4.  Help to support local merchants… So buying local food and items.  Plus I will support the Handmade merchants so I think I am going to investigate items on Etsy!

5. Make the world greener! and my family too… I am going to make some nice green changes to my life… so that means cracking out the sewing machine and making some nifty items.  I will make sure I will let you all know what works and what doesn’t

6. Continue with my passion of cooking and food!  There will be food posts of all kinds! Food is technically a craft (kinda) too… its an Art!!

7.  Too Be Happy!  This will come over time and hopefully will show in my posts.

8.  Take more pictures – and share them

9.  Travel: explore my local area !  This is important to many of my above goals!  By exploring I will find new local merchants, friends and areas that I can green!  Plus I would really like to see more of Ontario! and my local area!

10.  To Keep crafting – to learn some new Crafts

11.  More to come…

I, Little Miss, pledge to honour my goals and post along the way!  I hope you all will help me along this journey!

A Bookish Knitter

Here are is a list of a few books I have borrowed from the local library! Some I will add to my personal library!

Knitting Stitches: Over 300 Contemporary and Traditional Stitch Patterns by Mary Webb à I do not like this book in anyway. I hate how it is laid out. The stitch patterns swatches do not do justice. I feel this book was poorly though out.

Super Stitches Knitting: Knitting Essentials Plus a Dictionary of More Than 300 Stitch Patterns by Karen Hemingwayà This Stitch Dictionary I was recommend for all knitters. The pages and stitches are beautifully laid out. It is easy for a new knitting (as I am) to understand what is required for each stitch. This book I showed to seasoned knitters and I know a few who have purchased it for their personal collections. ALL KNITTERS SHOULD OWN THIS BOOK!

Mason-Dixon Knitting: The Curious Knitters’ Guide: Stories, Patterns, Advice, Opinions, Questions, Answers, Jokes, and Pictures by Kay Gardiner and Ann Meador Shayne à This was the first knitting book i picked up when I first started. You could say I was drawn to the book. I must thank Kay and Ann for their advice and humour throughout the book. I love the patterns and the little added flare from both the women in the book. Countless projects I have from this text – The Ballband Dishcloth, the Peak-a-boo Lace Curtain, and the Piano Bench Cover are my favourite.

Knitting Rules!: The Yarn Harlot’s Bag of Knitting Tricks by Stephanie Pearl-McPhee à No one can say anything bad about this book. The Yarn Harlot is filling her big shoes. She is wrote a witty and factual book about knitting. This book provides you with the nitty gritty on how to make items. Socks, Scarves, Hats and so on. She tells you how to make a basic item, and lets you run with it so to say. This is another important book for NEW Knitters!

Stylish Knits for Dogs: 30 Projects to Knit in a Weekend by Ilene Hochberg à As some know in the blogosphere I have a Scottish Terrier, Dexter, who I know wants me to knit him something nice. I am still flipping through this book looking for the best one. Great ideas for dogs of all sizes.

Greetings from Knit Café by Suzan Mischer and Victoria Pearson à I love the anecdotes in this book about the coming of the cafe. I also love how each pattern is linked to something that occurred at the Knit Cafe. I aspire to have a lovely Knitting Cafe like this one in my future. I hope to combine my two loves: Cooking and Knitting! We will see how it goes.

Knitting for Peace: Make the World a Better Place One Stitch at a Time by Betty Christiansen and Kiriko Shirobayashi à I love the patterns and information about all the different non-profit organizations. We should all knit to warm the hearts of the globe.

*Note – these are all personal opinions on the above texts.

EDIT: Please let me know what you think of these books… I would love others input!